What is Discover New Victories?

It is my signature program combining over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and over 15 years in health ministry to provide you with a complete step-by-step positive lifestyle online course. This program is designed to help you have victory in all areas of your life. My program is a solution for those Christians who are frustrated with trying to lose weight, wanting to lower healthcare cost, get healthier, develop healthy habits, create a balanced lifestyle and gain more energy but have not been able to succeed. If you recognize yourself, this program is for you.

God gave me a mission to relay a health message to His children so they can live a healthier life and know how much He loves them. I was told to focus on the action; to teach them how to make the right choices and how to exercise properly in a safe manner; to see the difference between His ways and the ways of the world.

Over my almost 30 years in health and wellness, I have helped thousands of people improve their health and many of them have reduced or were able to come off their medication. And now, I would like to share with you all my years of experience, research, and success.

90 Day Workout Routine and Video Instructions

90 Day Meal Plan and Recipes

Pre and Post Lifestyle Assessment

Weight Loss and Body Toning Instruction Kit

12 Weekly Uplifting Messages Plus Daily Devotional Messages

90 Day Study Guide

Money Back Guarantee Discover New Victories

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

• 100% Of The Purchase Refunded 

• 60 Days To Return The Product

• No Questions Asked!

Money Back Guarantee Discover New Victories

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

• 100% Of The Purchase Refunded 

• 60 Days To Return The Product

• No Questions Asked!


As Seen On


& Not Lose Weight - Guaranteed ...

Even If You’re busier than a fortune 500 CEO

So you’re a busy person. Not just “kinda” busy (but can still watch T.V. and take a nap) busy. But busy like if it wasn’t illegal, impossible, and *sorta evil* you would actually consider cloning yourself and making an army of you busy...and you won't need to lose weight. But you just don’t have the time to dedicate your life to exercise as if you were a contestant on the biggest loser. Your job, family, and social life simply won’t let so any dream you have at this very second of losing weight besides surgery is impossible too right? Wrong. The truth (which you already know) is that no matter how busy you are THERE IS A WAY to seriously lose the weight forever... even if you think it’s impossible. You just have to find it. Yet... Unfortunately the majority of people busy people never do, which is why the Obesity epidemic is one of the country’s most serious health problems.

Adult obesity is highest in Middle Age Adults ages 40 - 59.

1 out of 3 Adults has obesity.

Obesity affects 35% of adults 20 years and older.   

You Can Lose The Weight...  With unhealthy weight, QUALITY HEALTH is the goal not reaching a number on the scale.

Excess weight not only harms your health but hurts your quality of life itself. And when your quality of life is harmed it makes it harder for you to become the truly good person you know you were meant to be. Obesity Causes Diabetes, Coronary heart disease, High blood cholesterol, Stroke, Hypertension, Gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis, and cancer

How much weight loss will help weight-related illness and diseases?


Did You Know?

1 pound of weight loss = 4 pounds of relief for the knee

15 pounds of weight loss can cut knee pain in half.

Wouldn’t you like to...

Help others with vigor and strength.

Enjoy your quality of life as long as possible.

Set a good example for your friends and family.

Look as good on the outside as you are on the inside.

Be rid of the shame of obesity forever.

Yet, without being at a healthy weight the above is simply impossible. So what should you do if you want to lose weight permanently, don’t have the motivation, don’t know how to start and feel you have no time to exercise. Easy, copy what thousands of people just like you have done and tap into the power of Discover New Victories.

“Discover New Victories Will Reshape Your Body-- Guaranteed”

Discover New Victories is like no other exercise or weight loss system that you’ve tried before because we know that to truly improve your body we need to provide you the tool for healthy changes. You are provided a fail-proof solution for weight loss that works in the real world and not just in the movies. A changed heart changes the mind which changes the behavior! 

Discover New Victories is a Christian full impact training system that will access your power within to force amazing results to happen on the outside with simple step by step methods that don’t need your full attention. This is not “magic” or “marketing”. This is a 100% real-world tested solution to not only lose the weight (and keep it off), but to also help you feel better, & avoid over 30 illnesses caused by the obesity epidemic in the United States. You simply can’t fail even if you don’t have the time. Discover New Victories is Fast. Discover New Victories Really Works. Discover New Victories Can’t Fail. I promise you that Discover New Victories will change your life in ways that you never thought possible.  

Order Right Now Only $120

Based on surveys I have done, I've learned the needs and obstacles people struggle with trying to lose weight or live healthier.
I don't have the time. - Meals are quick to prepare and your workouts last about 30 minutes each day. 
I don't have the money. - 
Only $1.33 per day!  A cup of coffee costs more.
I don't have the energy. - 
You will gain energy and feel years younger. 
I don't have the support. -
I will be your coach and motivate you every day of the program. 

Help is here! This is why I created my program, so I can help as many people as I can. 

With Discover New Victories, I will teach you and train you like a good friend who really wants to see you succeed. With Discover New Victories you’ll finally be able to be rid of the excess weight forever. 

Make a decision today to gain VICTORIES!

I Dare You To Try Discover New Victories

Feel Clueless About Fitness? You’re Not Alone!

Myths Everywhere

Too many people are afraid of the exercising and have misconceived notions about health and fitness, but with so many myths flying around who can blame them?! It’s hard to know what to believe. A few of the common Health and Fitness Myths :

Eating less is the the best way to lose weight

Cardio is better for weight loss than weight training

Weight lifting and strength training will make women look manly

Calories are the most important part of being healthy

If you’ve believed any of these or other myths about health and fitness,
don’t feel bad — It very common mistake!

In my program, you will learn tools on how to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. You will learn how science supports the health plan listed in the Bibles. 

 In America alone, over 1.4million Americans die each year from Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease, and Cancer. And yet, 90% of all these chronic diseases are due to lifestyle choices. And obesity is the leading cause of these diseases. 

Who Should Use This Program?


Anyone Who Wants To Lose That Stubborn Last Twenty Pounds.


Experienced Exercise Fanatics

Women Who Want A "FIRM Physique"

Anyone Who Wants To Become healthier and develop a balance lifestyle.

Anyone - PERIOD!

Doesn't matter if you are a couch potato or an active athlete, this program was created for weight loss, improve your current fitness condition and transform your body!

Increase Flexibility

Limit Injury And Fatigue

Improve Your Relationships With Others

Experience More Energy

Develop a Better Understanding of Your Purpose

Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Here is What You Will Get ...

12 Weekly Uplifting Messages Plus Daily Devotional Messages

Value at $400

You will receive over 9 hours of health educating videos based on biblical and scientific principles that will motivate you and improve your health.  The challenge is divided into four phases. Each phase takes three weeks for a total of 12 weeks. You’ll have something positive each day to motivate you in the right direction.

Phase 1– In this phase, will focus on the building blocks of life.

You will be reminded of how much you are loved and have a special purpose.

Phase 2 – In this phase, we will focus on the building blocks for a healthy body. You will learn proper nutrition and exercise guidelines.

Phase 3 – In this phase, we will focus on the building blocks for a healthy environment. You will establish habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Phase 4 – In this phase, you will find special bonuses plus new tools for developing the health you deserve!


Lifestyle Assessment

Value at $75

This will help you to understand your current state of wellness. Identify your areas where you have success and the areas where you need to improve to create a complete balance life.

DNV Meal Platform

Value at $75

You will receive meal guidelines and recommendations to help you shift your body into a FAT BURNING machine while at the same time improve your current health condition. Learn:

  • What are the best types of foods to eat.
  • How science can prove how much protein you need to eat.
  • How to create delicious meals in minutes.
  • Adjusting For Weight Loss, Gain, Or Maintenance

Over 120 days worth of meals combinations


DNV Transformation Workout Program

Value at $125

Complete body transformation workout designed to help you SHAPE and HEAL your body. Its unique mix of resistance, aerobics and flexible training will consistently challenge you towards success.

This program is for anyone, it doesn't matter your current condition, whether you're a couch potato or a gym rat. You can do it and you will see improvement. Plus, it's 100% ONLINE so you could access your daily exercise routine from any mobile device.

DNV Live Webinars

Value at $75

During your 12-week journey, you have the opportunity to participate in several LIVE Webinars for deeper discussion about our DNV principles, health issues, as well as question and answer sessions.


DNV Private Facebook Group Membership

Value at $30

The "DNV members only" group is for you to interact with others who are going through the same journey, share success stories, recipes, best practice, plus you will find me there participating in conversations regularly.

DNV Study Guide

Value at $55

Will help you customize and reflect on new information from the program. This study guide is a tool for your personal growth.


What Others Are Saying ...


What I love about Casio is that he is not into quick fixes. With him, it is all about working hard and eating right. This guy knows what he is talking about. He knows the body and he knows nutrition. If you are really serious about not only changing your body but the way you live, he is your man!

Wes Hampton – Gaither Vocal Band www.weshampton.com


Not only is he a great brother and a great encourager and motivator in my walk with Christ, He has also made a great change in me personally through his knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I have always worked out and took pride in being “in shape.” Casio set up an individual program for me that fit those needs plus gave me the nutrition info to make it work. I have seen big changes in the way I look and more important the way I feel. If you are looking to make changes in your life (living a healthier lifestyle, eating better, losing weight, getting on a fitness program, or just needing someone to talk about your walk) Casio would be a great asset to you. Thanks Casio for your help and friendship.

Doug Anderson - Canasvoice www.canasvoice.com

robert and kathy day

My husband and I have been working with our Health Director, Casio Jones, since November 2016. We come into the gym four days a week on a constant basis, thanks to the encouragement of Casio. Since this time Casio has been instrumental in our getting healthier than we could have imagined. My husband and I are dealing with Diabetes. From the very beginning, Casio has been reviewing our exercise program almost daily, constantly showing us how to get the most of our routine. My husband has not only lost two belt sizes now but with Casio’s help he is feeling so much better, has more strength in his body and his endurance level has improved greatly.

Robert and Kathy Day


Casio resurrected my life, he got me fired up and ready to start each day with new opportunities and help me to see that life is truly worth living and I am very thankful for his system, he teaches you how to eat right, how to do squats, how to exercise so you get the most out of each workout so it builds muscle and also how to gain strength and helps you to accomplish things you haven't done in a long time, and helps you to get back that flexibility.

Bobby Daltry - Check it out on YouTube


I cannot thank Discover new victories enough. I lost 20lbs in 30 days following his program. The exercises were tailored to my abilities. The apps were easy to use and challenging. They gave step by step instructions and timed your progress and provided videos. Part of my success was the daily support from Casio. Using his direction and apps I saw my goals move in the right direction. Casio reviewed my input and output and gave me suggestions on improvement. He is very supportive and inspiring. This is an excellent program for busy individuals that cannot go to the gym and want to improve their health. 

Andrea Vogel

Growing up I was always the super skinny girl who couldn't gain weight to save my life. I was 88 pounds when I went to college. I was teased by family and friends for being so skinny so I developed some very unhealthy to try to gain weight.

Fast forward to the age of 29. I had my 1st son and my metabolism seemed to completely stop. All of a sudden I couldn't lose the baby weight. And on top of it, I developed borderline hypertension and had to go on meds after the birth of my son. Then I had my 2nd son at the age of 31 and my health began to deteriorate. The added weight pushed me into full-blown high blood pressure and I had high cholesterol. I was also suffering from low self-esteem and this was causing marital issues because my husband wasn't attracted to the added weight.

I had played sports throughout my youth but I didn't know how to really exercise. I reached out to Casio and he helped me do his program, DNV. This was the turning point in my life. I not only learned how to exercise but I learned how to turn my whole lifestyle around and was able to reconnect with God and my husband and myself. I learned to love myself again and found my worth in God.  This became my motivation to learn about the health message and focus on becoming the healthiest I can be to serve God at my best.

Through the simple lifestyle habits taught in Casio's programs, I have been able to reverse my high cholesterol and anemia and have my high blood pressure meds cut in half. I am working with my doctor to get off them completely! The principles of this program are life changing!   

Gina St. Cyr

What Is The Cost and Guarantee Policy?

It’s my personal ministry to help YOU and all the people who:

  1. Feel lost when it comes to health and fitness, especially when it comes to where to start
  2. Are simply looking for a different, more unique, and better program
  3. Want a program that will better educate them about diet and exercise
  4. Looking for a program that will address aspects of their lives (Mind, Body, Social and Spiritual needs)

So How Much Does It Cost?

The DNV course isn’t like a basic weightless program, this course is designed to motivate you and remind you of your purpose in life as well as draw you closer to Christ. The average cost for a coaching session is well over $150 per hour. I usually sell the coaching sessions, workout plan, the nutrition guide, and the stretching program separately and buying each program separately would cost you $635, but as of right now I am selling them as a package for a one-time payment of $120.  That's right for only $1.33 a day you can change your health and life forever!  Even the best value meals can't beat this deal. 

And I'm so confident this program will get you results, I'm willing to offer a "No Questions Asked" 60 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee. That means you have 60 days to try my program with absolutely no risk!  


If you are ready to begin your lifestyle journey today, click the link above and purchase Discover New Victories. I know this course works because I personally used to get my body in shape, and now I’m offering it to you at this low rate. With my 60-Day no questions asked money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose!

This is not “magic” or “marketing”. This is 100% real world tested solution to not only lose the weight (and keep it off), but to also help you feel better, & avoid over 30 chronic diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle and the obesity epidemic in the United States. Don’t let yourself be defeated. Change your heart. Change your attitude. Change your behavior. I promise you that Discover New Victories will change your life in a positive way forever. Earn the respect you deserve from the people you care about most, have the energy of a teenager all over again, enjoy your body the way nature intended and most of all develop a closer relationship with God.

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